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Every Commodore Amiga users remembers or uses SEUCK, Backbone or new released RedPill easy game creators. There could have been an other alternative ‘Arcade factory’ developed by Norwegian developer Richard Glenn Nielsen. However with over 44,000 lines of code and manual nearly finished the promising Amiga game kit never got released. The easy game creator Arcade Factory should have been more open and flexible, not requiring any programming skills, have peak performance capbilities and you could produce full-fledged, independent action games in a few days. The developers steered away from typical limitations and allowed many features that made it possible to make action games with many interesting details. For example advanced motion and reaction patterns of enemies, scroll with free placement of graphics elements in multiple layers, instead of the typical block subdivision, improved collision detection compared to SEUCK or Backbone, etc… The program could also run in high resolutions (full 640 × 512 pixels). Lets hope the developers still have the code and release it on Aminet or Github. You you read the full article on

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