Video How to replace your A1200 kickstart Roms

In this video MonkeySpaz5000 will show you how quickly and easily you can replace your Commodore Amiga 1200’s kickstart roms. You may wish to do this to upgrade to a later revision rom for example. The Commodore Amiga 1200, or A1200 (code-named “Channel Z”), is Commodore International’s third-generation Amiga computer, aimed at the home computer market. It was launched on October 21, 1992, at a base price of £399 in the United Kingdom and $599 in the United States. The A1200 offers a number of advantages over earlier lower-budget Amiga models. Specifically, it is a 32-bit design; the 68EC020 microprocessor is faster than the 68000 and has 2 MB of RAM as standard. The AGA chipset used in the A1200 is a significant improvement. AGA increases the color palette from 4096 colors to 16.8 million colors!


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