WildWest for AmigaOS4 AmigaOne games

Set in the later half of the 19th century around the western states of America bordering Mexico. A land plagued with disputes, lawlessness, gunfights and some of that periods most gruesome characters. An ex-Mexican army captain turned bandit, driven by a personal vendetta, has formed a mob of some of the most ruthless Mexican bandits to sweep a reign of terror through the land. The WildWest mod of Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first person shooter featuring Cowboys and Banditos fighting for control in the lawless American West of the late 1800s. A variety of Objective, CTF (capture the flag), StopWatch and Death Match mode maps provide plenty of gaming enjoyment. Blow the safe and steal the money from the El Drab town bank. Fight your way into the hacienda of the evil governor and eliminate him. Rescue your bible from Battle Creek city hall. Return little Pedro’s harmonica. And much more!

This total conversion of RTCW includes period weapons, such as:

  • Henry repeating rifle
  • Colt revolving rifle
  • Harper’s Ferry musket ( the sniper rifle of its time)
  • Colt pistol
  • A deadly volley rifle
  • A prototype handheld Gatling gun
  • To name a few.


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