Download over 14000 maps for Starcraft for AmigaOS4 and AmigaOne computers

The great RTS game Starcraft is available for AmigaOS4 and AmigaOne computer from A-EON Technology. Three races are out to wreak havoc upon each other as part of a thirty mission singleplayer campaign, each with its own campaign and perspective on the arching storyline. These races number the practical if hopelessly sectarian Terrans, the swarm-like insectoids known as the Zerg and the ultra high-tech Protoss. Expand this great RTS game with over 14,522 maps, all maps come with a preview and description before you download. Click here to visit the website.

starcraft Europa mapfor AmigaOS4 and Amigaone computers Amiga game news

Example map for Starcraft, European continent map! Click image for direct link!


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