PPC_agreement_ACube Amgiga news

Power Progress Community publicly reveals its fruitful cooperation with ACube Systems, an Italian company producing its own line of PowerPC based motherboards. The company ACube Systems is mostly known for its ‘Sam motherboards’ and ‘AmigaOne 500 systems‘. So far, ACube Systems is the only company Power Progress Community are cooperating with. In the near future, they wish to be able to establish new cooperation relationships with new associations and organizations sharing the same innovating spirit as the Power Progress Community. The PowerPC latop is currently aimed for the Linux community and comes with Debian 9. Power Progress Community is a non-profit association composed by people contributing on a voluntary basis, and inspired by the Open Source Hardware and Software movement. ACube Systems S.r.l., a world-renowned company, was established in January 2007. The main goal of ACube Systems is to create and promote innovative hardware and software products.

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