The German software developer Entwickler-X released ‘Emotion’ media player for AmigaOS 4.1. The media player will offer compositing based video scaling on RadeonHD gfx cards, YUV video acceleration with compositing (RadeonHD 2.0 driver), ffmpeg based video decoding optimized for most used codecs, and many more new features. The use of FFMpeg as subsystem for video and audio decoding (through AmigaOS specific shared libraries) allows emotion to access proven and powerful technologies in the background. Due to the Reaction based interface in combination with optimized operating system functions and FFMpeg as a decoder, Emotion understands itself as its own interpretation of a multimedia player which is not just a port of existing open source projects but tries to connect tried and tested technologies with the ecosystem of AmigaOS. You can purchase Emotion for € 24,95 on the webstore of  Alinea Computer.

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