The 6570 is essentially a point-for-point replacement for ATI Radeon HD 5570. It has 480 stream processors (the 5570 had an even 400), 24 texture units (to the 5570’s 20), and eight ROPs, as well as an engine clock running at 650 MHz. From there, the specs can be more variable. As with the 5570, the 6570 is available in two distinct flavors, one using GDDR5 RAM for its frame buffer and one using DDR3. The GDDR5 version can have a memory clock between 900 and 1,000 MHz, a memory data rate of 4 Gbps, and total memory bandwidth of 64 GBps; the DDR3 6570 has a 900-MHz memory clock, a 1.8-Gbps data rate, and a 28.8-GBps memory bandwidth. Power usage is slightly higher for the GDDR5 card—11 watts under idle and 60 watts at load, compared with 10 watts and 44 watts for the DDR3 version—but because the designs and their prices are otherwise so similar, the GDDR5 is better pick of the two. The 6570 will function just as well as the 6450 for driving a general-purpose AmigaOne X5000 & upcoming A1222 system, and offers the possibility of some good gaming that you don’t convincingly see with the less-expensive card. Most released AmigaOne games for OS4 will perform very well and Blender 3D and such will perform very well indeed. PCI Express based AmigaOne motherboard is required with one X16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard. You can purchase the 6570 on the webstore of

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