The AmigaOne X5000/20 64bit has been released last October 2016 and got a lot of positive feedback and is without doubt the most powerfull AmigaOne system available. But A-EON technology hinted a few times about the X5000/40 series. The AmigaOne X5000/40 64bit will be the first AmigaOne system to offer quad-core technology. The QorIQ P5 family delivers scalable, 64-bit processing with quad-core devices. With frequencies scaling up to 2.4 GHz, a tightly coupled cache hierarchy for low latency, and integrated hardware acceleration, the P5040 (quad-core)  devices are ideally suited for compute intensive and power-conscious usage. The performance of the upcoming x5000/40 is impressive compared to other AmigaOne systems.The x1000 uses the PA6T 1.8Ghz dual core and has 8000 MIPS, x5000/20 uses the P5020 2.0Ghz dual core and has 12000 MIPS. But the x5000/40 using the P5040 2.4Ghz quad core and would reach over 28000 MIPS, making it twice as fast then the X5000/20 64 bit. However to make use of all this power will require a new update of AmigaOS to support SMP. ‘Rumours’ say that Hyperion entertainment CVBA would consider releasing a new updated AmigaOS (4.2) offering minimal dual-core support. Lastly, A-Eon Technology announced that A-Eon signed a 1,2 million-dollar investment contract with Ultra Varisys for the ongoing design, development and manufacture of PowerPC hardware for its AmigaOne line of desktop computers. No prices or release date have been announced for the X5000/40.

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