Released in 1995 and also released a few years later in 2001, for the Atari ST computers. Arctic Moves finds it’s way to the Amiga platform. You must travel to the Arctic and infiltrate a base held by aliens who want to use future human technology for their causes. Your first mission starts outdoor somewhere in the frozen North Pole, where you infiltrate the enemy base and have to destroy the communications systems. You have to fight with hordes of various enemies varying from arctic commandos to air troops, who will shoot or throw grenades instantly! Note also that there are several mounted machine guns scattered around the area. Apart of shooting, the game offers a lot of platform-style action, in which you have to jump to higher grounds in order to reach certain spots and objects. Apart of your precious energy bar, you have to watch the limited time offered before ending your mission. Arctic Moves is very difficult but offers some great fun and its visuals are superb.


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