Time Gal, is an animated interactive movie video game similar to Amiga game Dragon’s Lair. The year is 4001, and the evil Luda has stolen a time machine and plans to use it to take over the world. The heroine, Reika Kirishima, the “Time Gal” of the title, is a skillful and scientist on a mission to chase Luda through different time periods, and stop him from assuming control of all history. In this globe-trotting FMV adventure, she must cross 16 stages that take her from prehistoric times to future realms and even to historical events such as World War II. She must get the time machine back, and save the world! The player watches animations of the heroine while she travels through levels, and overcome obstacles by pushing the correct button at the right moment. The player can change directions, jump, shoot, etc., but everything is controlled during the never ending fluent motion of Reika. Unique to this particular game, at certain points, Reika would call for a “time stop,” and the player would be confronted with three choices, only one of which allowed them to continue onward. Another great classic for Commodore Amiga classic!

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