The Commodore Amiga is legendary during the 80’s and 90’s, many people had there first computer or game experience on this wonderfull system. It’s not so hard to relive this great past and play all this great Commodore Amiga games on the go.  Many will be remembering playing Lemmings, Speedball, Syndicate, Battle squadron and many more great classics. Want to relive them on your Android? It’s not to difficult. Follow this quick tutorial and you’ll be playing Battle squadron in no time. First things first, go download UAE4Droid off Google Play. That stands for “Universal Amiga Emulator”, which means it can do pretty much everything and play pretty much every game. The emulator is free and comes with AGA and Amiga 1200 support for playing more advanced Amiga classics such as Gloom and  Wendetta 2175! You next need to get yourself an Amiga Kickstart ROM, which is a version of the Amiga operating system that powers this emulator. You can buy the latest updated necessary Amiga ROMs from Amiga Forever. You also need games, there are many websites out there that will let you download old games for free. You’ll end up with one or more so called .adf files, this are conversions of classic Amiga disks to one file. Get the files onto your Android using whatever method you like. microSD card, USB transfer, or just download the files directly on your device. Start the program and tap ‘ROM Location’ and browse through the directories on your Android phone or tablet until you find the Kickstart ROM files you downloaded earlier from Cloanto. Then, tap ‘Floppy 1 location’ and find the .adf file for the first floppy disk for your game. Repeat this for floppies two, three, and four if needed. Go back to the main page and tap on ‘Start Amiga’, and the game will start playing. Have fun!

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