Icaros Desktop is the most known AROS distribution. The AROS Research Operating System is a free, open source re-implementation of Amiga OS 3.1, written from scratch but improving on it in many areas. It’s actively developed since 1995 and has now been ported to many architectures, including i386 (32 bit PCs) and x64 (PCs with 64-bit capable processors).AROS is source-level compatible with AmigaOS 3.x. This means that if you compile on i386 PC a old program written in C for AmigaOS 3.x, it will work natevely on the PC architecture, taking advantage of its faster and more powerful processor. So, Icaros provides i386 builds of historic Amiga software like DirectoryOpus, Audio Evolution, NoiseTracker and many others, along with ports from Linux (MPlayer, BigBand, Ghostscript) and other modern Amiga-like systems (OWB, ArosPDF and others). You can manage your file, play your video and music, browse the web, keep in touch with your friends in a modern, amazing Amiga environment. You can support the developers of icaros desktop on Patreon for future development of this AmigaOS compatible operating system.

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