Thanks to the audio capabilities of the Commodore Amiga platform, many games got superb sound effects and music tracks. Most computer platforms did not surpass this unique Amiga capability during the 80’s. Paula had a four DMA-driven 8-bit PCM sample sound channels. Two sound channels are mixed into the left audio output, and the other two are mixed into the right output, producing stereo audio output. The only supported hardware sample format is signed linear 8-bit two’s complement. Each sound channel has an independent frequency and a 6-bit volume control (64 levels). Internally, the audio hardware is implemented by four state machines, each having eight different states. The Original Chip Set (OCS) was a chipset used in the earliest Commodore Amiga computers and defined the Amiga’s graphics and sound capabilities. It was succeeded by the slightly improved Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) and greatly improved Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA). Many game developers made use of this to improve there games and many of these great soundtracks used in Amiga games are still being remasterd by a huge fan base all over the world. Here are 10 great remastered Amiga game soundtracks found on Youtube!

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