Amiga UNIX (“Amix”) is Commodore’s port of AT&T System V Release 4 to the Amiga in 1990. The two official machines that could run Amiga UNIX are the Amiga 2500UX and the 3000UX, however it can run on any Amiga that meets its requirements. Like many early UNIX variants, Amiga Unix never became wildly popular, but it’s an interesting sidestep in Amiga’s history. With few native applications available to take advantage of the Amiga’s significant multimedia capabilities, it failed to find a niche in the quite-competitive Unix workstation market of the early 1990s. Unlike typical commercial Unix distributions of the time, Amiga Unix included the source code to the vendor-specific enhancements and platform-dependent device drivers, allowing interested users to study or enhance those parts of the system. Amiga Unix also incorporated and depended upon many open source components, such as the GNU C Compiler and X Window System, and included their source code. You can also run Amix 2.1 in WinUAE if you want!

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