After playing  the first few sections of the game, you will was more than impressed with how the storyline branched out in new directions, and most of the game follows that formula. Just as with the first few levels, you’ll be doing a variety of tasks: taking out shield protectors, saving teammates, turning on gravity in giant ship bays. Because you’ll spend the latter half of the game with a team of people assisting you, you’ll be figuring out puzzles together, not just blasting through door X. In fact, that’s one of the cool things about Elite Force you’ll rarely, if ever, have to resort to finding a switch to open a specific door. Instead, you’ll have situations such as one on a Borg vessel where one of your team works on breaking a force field open while you and your teammates work hard to protect them from a constant Borg onslaught. The weapons aren’t impressive in variety, but they are a blast to use, due to the Phaser-based look and feel of them. Handheld Proton Torpedoes fire gargantuan light blasts at enemies, Arc Welders spray out electricity like a lightning gun over nearby foes, and even the wimpy Phaser does a better job of fraying enemies than other games where you’re stuck with a crowbar, a wrench, or a gauntlet to keep you happy.

For the most part the weapons stick to the standard Quake formula, but visually they’re bright, wild, and eye-popping enough to give you the satisfied you need, especially given that you aren’t going to be blowing aliens into bloody bits like you would in your average fragfest. The graphics and music also impress throughout the adventure. Since most of the cast makes an appearance in the game, you’ll hear commentary from all your favorites, as well as in-game and between-level chatter from the members of the Hazard Team that you’ll grow to hate, love, and depend on throughout the game. Sound effects are lifted right from the series, so as you’d expect they’re perfect. Music is pretty solid as well, but again, it’s the sounds of phasers, turbolifts, and com signals that will have you giddy in the game. Graphics are as incredible as Soldier of Fortune, with dynamic lighting, solid level design, and great character detail. Plus, since you’ve got a personal transporter from which you pull all your weapons, there’s finally a logical explanation for how someone can hold a laser, a rocket launcher, and an Arc Welder in their back pocket. Fans of the Star Trek series will enjoy finally being able to take an active part in the universe they’ve loved for so long, and fans of shooters in general will finally have a reason to break out their well-rehearsed keyboard/mouse stance. Another great port by HunoPPC!

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