Metal Slug 3, is a popular run-and-gunner first released for the Neo-Geo and eventually on AmigaOS4. This action cranked up shooter comes with an absurd extreme, featuring great armies of hapless soldiers and super-deformed hardware. Metal Slug 3 looks absolutely stunning on Nintendo’s new console. After selecting your player character out of heavily-armed eccentrics, you emerge on a beach and the war begins. As you make your way across the sand, you’re confronted not by soldiers, but by giant killer crabs and many other extravaganza. From that moment on, the old Metal Slug action never lets up. Your basic gun is capable of firing rapid volleys of shots, while enemies who get in too close are automatically dispatched with a swipe of your hunting knife. For bosses and larger groups of opponents, you have a finite number of grenades to throw, plus there’s an array of more powerful weapons to collect! As for this Nintendo Switch version, it’s a straight emulation of the Neo-Geo original, with filter options to make the display look like an old CRT television and so on. Metal Slug as its fans will remember it. The game may not make much use of the Switch’s design, but then again, its arcade action feels like a perfect fit for Nintendo’s new console.

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