In 1989 Ocean released The Untouchables for the Commodore Amiga. Programmer Earok fixed a lot of issues and gave the game a total overhaul. The game comes with improved graphics, gameplay, sound-effects and integrated trainer(press F10). The plot is relatively straightforward. The game takes place during the Prohibition era and it’s the responsibility of Elliot Ness and his colleagues to take down Al Capone and his bootlegging and smuggling ring. It doesn’t have any particular depth, and largely assumes familiarity with the movie, but a player unfamiliar with the movie will still understand what is happening. In total the game features five different “assignments” or levels, with the first four available from the beginning of the game and they can be completed in any order. Playing them in a particular order doesn’t have an advantage over any other order. The fifth is unlocked after completing the first four. Each stage has somewhat different gameplay.

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