Did you ever wish you were a little bit taller? Maybe a baller? Just had a girl who looked good so you could call her? Well, we can’t do anything about the last one, however Basket Island could give some fun on your Commodore Amiga. Basket Island never got released on Commodore Amiga and only had a demo release and appeared on French disk magazine Amiga Dream. This funny French made cartoon like sports game lets you play basket against your foes from all over the world; from the beaches on Rio to Paris. Sharpen your moves and skillsets to buffer up your team to win the championship! You can play this on Amiga 1200 systems with 4MB fastram or WinUAE/FS-UAE Amiga emulators for Windows and Linux. Download is about 2MB. (Movie:Real gameplay starts at 3m29s)

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