(Updated)A new IndieGoGo campaign has been started for 2 great Super NES games. Iron Commando is a Super Nintendo Beat’em that was released back in 1995 in the Japan region only. Their developers, Arcade Zone (now Hyperdevbox) sold the full rights of this awesome video game title to Piko Interactive a new San Antonio(USA) based software developer. The new release will have full support for PAL and NTSC! Legend is a video game developed by Arcade Zone and released in the United States for the Super NES in April 1994. These enhanced games can be played by anyone that still owns a classic console. if you don’t have a SNES Console and still want to play, then you can pledge for the PC download key (Steam Key download) which will provide you a download code for Iron Commando or Legend. Then, you will be able to install the game on your PC; games offer USB controller support, so it would be as if you are playing it on a console. You can support the developers on IndieGoGo by clicking this link.

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