In 1999, when Gateway closed Amiga, Inc., Bill McEwen and Fleecy Moss obtained from Gateway a license to incorporate a new independent company. The new founded company had big plans but never really got things started and ended in a lot of legal disputs(Hyperion) and failed contracts(Haage & Partners). On December 31, 2016 the final deadline for extending the registration of the only remaining US “Amiga” trademark expired and Amiga inc. did not pursuit the safety of it’s exclusive trademark. The new owner of the US trademark is the Italian company “Cloanto“, the Italian company already owns a lot of Amiga trademarks since 2012 and is best known for ‘Amiga Forever’. The Belgian company Hyperion Entertainment CVBA did not disputed the acquisition of Cloanto regarding the US trademark, but will focus on the “AmigaOne” trademark and legacy. The only trademark region left for Amiga inc. is the Eurozone until May 2018. With this acquisition Italian company Cloanto will have a dominant position when it comes to Amiga’s future. However, no statements have been made by Cloanto regarding the future of the Amiga legacy….


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