The ZX Spectrum Next by new UK manufacturers SpecNext Ltd is now available on Kickstarter! The Sinclair ZX had a glorious gaming past and is looking forward to what is hoped to be a bright new future, by combining a slick modern take on the classic Spectrum design, which is once again created by original Spectrum designer Rick Dickinson. The Kickstarter campaign is right on time for the 35th birthday of the legendary original Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k which was launched on 23rd April 1982! It was much more than just a computer: it was a machine that sparked a gaming revolution, the Speccy was, and still is, on a league of its own. The Spectrum Next is a re-implementation of the original at hardware level, ensuring it runs all the software out there old and new. And it’s also compatible with most expansions made for the ZX Spectrum. There is a long way until you can get your hands on the final product, but the gold status is a major milestone towards the final product availability in early 2018. Click this link to find the project on Kickstarter.

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