Amiga Jay has released a special Demoscene compilation of Amiga demos for the Commodore AmigaCD32. Over 300+ famous demos can be watched using a very easy to use menu specially designed for the AmigaCD32 console. Most demos were written in 68000 assembly language, although a few were written in C and other languages.  Additional performance was achieved by utilizing several co-processors in parallel with the 68000. These co-processors include, Copper  and Blitter. To achieve the best speed most demos disabled the operating system and addressed the hardware directly. First bigger demos were released in 1987, one of them was “Tech Tech” by Sodan & Magician 42, it was released in November 1987 and is considered a classic by many. Smaller demos are often known as intros. They are typically limited to between 4 and 64KB in size. Intros were originally used as tags by cracking groups on computer games and other software. The purpose of the intro was to advertise cracking and distribution skill of a particular group. Contains classic demos from Anarchy, Andromeda, Kefrens, Lemon, Melon Dezign, Polka Brothers, Rage, RNO, Rebels, Sanity, Scoopex, Spaceballs, The Silents, TRSI, Virtual Dreams & Fairlight among many more!

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