SIIG’s SoundWave 5.1 PCI is the most cost-effective solution to transform your AmigaOne into a home theater system improving your music, gaming and movie entertainment quality. This high performance PCI sound card offers digital 5.1 channel audio to improve your music listening quality, supports the latest 3D positional audio that is perfect for AmigaOne/LinuxPPC games running with realistic 3D sound effect, and provides immersive surround sound quality to make blockbuster movies entertainment available at home. It also features an MIDI interface/Game port to work with legacy gaming. The Sound Wave 5.1 PCI is fully compatible with AmigaOS4.1 Final Edition and MATE PowerPC Remix 2017. You can purchase the SIIG Soundwave soundcard for AmigaOne X5000 for just 26,99 USD on the webstore of Amiga on the lake.

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