The AmigaOne is the only computer in the world to include this very powerful and flexible user programmable co-processor. Developers that are looking to develop for the Xena chip on the AmigaOneX1000 and the AmigaOneX5000 can now purchase the Xorro board. With this Project Board and free StartKit you will be able to start getting up to speed learning how to use the Xena chip on your AmigaOne computer. With this starterKit you can learn how the chip can be programmed and used. With the tools already made available for the AmigaOneX1000 you can get the head start needed to be ready for the next update to the AmigaOne native software. The AmigaOne x5000 comes with a “Xena” 500MHz XMOS XS1-L2 from Xmos, sounds fancy but does it do anything? The XCore architecture is a 32-bit RISC microprocessor architecture designed by XMOS. The architecture is designed to be used in multi-core processors for embedded systems. They are basically very fast multicore controllers, with up to eight hardware threads per 400/500 MIPS core, operating in round-robin fashion. Each thread can run at 50 or 100 MIPS, and can be thought of as a separate processor. The four-core device offers up to 32 threads, delivering a total of 1600 MIPS. The “Xena” 500MHz XMOS XS1-L2 is a very powerful add-on in AmigaOne x5000 systems and is often overlooked but the Xena chip has many unique attributes when programmers make use of it. You can purchase the Xorro project board on the webstore of Amiga on the lake for just 47 USD.

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