The hero of this great and popular Commodore Amiga platformer game is a young jungle man named Toki. One day the evil wizard Vookimedlo kidnaps his girlfriend Miho. When Toki tries to save her, he is turned into a monkey! Now Toki has to find Vookimedlo in his palace, rescue Wanda, and become a human being again!  When the beautiful Miho, princess of Toki’s tribe of jungle men, and a potential bride to Toki, is kidnapped by the treacherous witch doctor Vookimedlo. The beautiful princess Miho is taken to a golden palace at the summit of the island, which Vookimedlo has conjured up for himself to reside in. The wicked shaman then casts a spell to transform all the human inhabitants of the island into various animals and beasts, before they can defend themselves against the evil magic. Toki himself is transformed into a Geeshergam, one of the ape-like minions of Vookimedlo, although in his primate form, Toki more resembles a gorilla. Fortunately, the great warrior discovers that he is still in control of his own faculties and as an unexpected side effect of the spell cast on him, he can breathe fire and shoot various projectiles from his mouth. Hero Toki then sets off on a quest to pursue and defeat Vookimeldo and rescue princess Miho, and undo the curse of himself and his friends on the island. However, to reach Vookimedlo’s golden palace, Toki will have to travel through murky lakes, steep canyons, over frozen ice-capped mountain ranges and lava-spewing volcanoes alike. To progress in his quest and be ultimately victorious, Toki will have to battle all manner of dangerous wild animals and various mutants of Vookimedlo’s creation; not to mention Vookimedlo’s own abominable guardians who act as level bosses. Toki is a great classic platform game with many various levels: jungle, underwater, volcanic caves, on the ice, etc. Toki’s only weapons are spitting on the enemies or jumping on them and crashing them. There are many possibilities to upgrade his spitting “weapon”; for example, if he finds an upgrade, he can spit fireballs. A new, independent enhanced remake was announced in October 2009. It is being developed by from French developer Golgoth Studio and targeted for release on PC via Steam and on home consoles through XBLA, PlayStation Network, and WiiWare. The original game was also released for iOS on September 7, 2009.

Commodore Amiga version (1991)

Toki HD remake

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