One of the main concerns about buying an SSD has always been the limited capacity compared to traditional hard drives this in comparison with the price tag. It is the only of its kind, it is a niche product and it does answer the call of a specific SSD shortfall; high capacity and a reasonable price. It is a SATA 2 SSD with performance specifications of 254MB/s read and 250MB/s write and this SSD has a standard three year OWC warranty! This will be the best, longest lasting and fastest SSD for your new AmigaOne computer. Since the Mercury Electra has more components than typical SSDs, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it also consumes more power than other SSDs. Especially idle power consumption is very high, higher than what many SSDs consume under full load.  However, unlike most SSDs on the market today, the Mercury Pro family uses advanced DuraWrite wear-leveling and block management technologies to keep Read/Write performance at peak while others see performance fall. This means that it will operate at the best speed for the life of your SSD and is a perfect fast and long lasting drive for running AmigaOS 4.1. You can purchase the ‘1TB Mercury Electra SSD 3G’ on the webstore of Amiga on the lake for just 339,50 USD.

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