Károly Nagy from Hungary released Nostromo: 9 (retro) games in 1 for AmigaOS 4.1, The Aliens (The eighth passanger is the death) movie inspired this release and every mini game reminds of the movie. The programmer has a very nice looking website with a very special AmigaOS look.

1. Travelling on a starway
In the first game you have to keep the Nostromo on the starway as long as you can. According to the movie, at this time the crew of the ship is waking up and setting their eyes on an interesting space message. You can move the space ship with left-right cursors. In that case an unknown code (letters) crossing your way, you have to press the appropriate letters to eliminate it (catching the

2. Landing on the unknown planet
After turning out the unknown message origins from an undiscovered planet, they try to land on it. Gravitation affects the space ship, in turn you can give the direction by left-right cursors and speed by up-cursor. The aim of the game is looking for a smooth surface to take off the plane before out of the fuel. Watch the gravitation is to remain under 4 level at landing.

3. Repairing the tube system
At the time of landing Nostromo was disabled, so the two mechanical engineers tend to repair it. In this chapter the main engineer (Parker) is able to fix a tube-item (left mouse button) or unfix (right mouse button), the assistant (Brett) giving the appropriate tubes. After selecting Parker or Brett, you can make tasks for the typical cues.

4. Discovering the strange planet
Dallas, Kane and Lambert try to bell the cat and looking around the deserted LV-426 planet. In this chapter you have to use mouse and keyboard also. Selecting the characters by mouse and moving the chosen character by cursor-keys. The object is collecting all alien eggs (or destroying?). Meantime, the mather-alien desperately try to defend his eggs.

5. Meeting the alien
An alien cought Kane on the discovering round. Dallas and Lambert try to defend Kane. The mission is you have to make the aliens back (or furling mouth of the alien?). In this case you don’t have to direct the persons, only you must shoot aliens with one or other. Sometimes ammunition is going out, at this time you have to select the other person.

6. Payoff with Android
At this part of the movie, Ash, the synthetical Android wants to kill the main character, Ripley lieutenant. Well, the object of the game is to kill the Android. According to the movie, it should be a fighting at this point, but in the game you can see a classic: Scorch… Setting the power of shooting by up-down cursors, the direction by left-right cursors. If you can shoot, click on the picture of Ripley.

7. The 8th passanger is the death
In my humble opinion, the whole application is developing for realization of this part. This is the main game, which is only a little bit similar to the original Commodore Plus /4 version and at the beginning I don’t know what is the main point of it either. At the end I managed to create such a complex game, as it is capable of engaging 3 persons’ attention. It’s to searching for the outlander on the board of Nostromo space ship with 5 persons (Ripley, Dallas, Lambert, Parker and Brett), who strolling in the maze of corridors. The being – under roaming – bears eggs that after a little time hatch and neonates begin crawling. You can make effort to eliminate as many eggs as you can to prevent from born them. Obliterating eggs by 1, neonates by 2 and the mother-being by 3+ bullets. The whole process can be seen on a little map where you can see where are eggs, neotates, mother-alien and the members of the crew. You can move from one room to another by pressing the codes (letters) written on the doors. The crosshairs is able to move by cursor-keys and shooting by clicking on the current person’s picture. Bullets can run out and every actor has got a health-level which must to retain to the final.

8. Destroying Nostromo
After the previous part only Ripley lieutenant is remain who tries to escape from Nostromo mother ship. This part seems to be very simple, but the realization was not too trivial. The point is that Ripley has to occupy as many area (at least 80%) and jam the Nostromo. Narcissus (the little space ship that Ripley try to escape) is controlled by cursor-keys. If you would like to leave the safe zone, press SPACE. In turn watch out not to collision with Nostromo before back to the safety zone.

9. Space drifts
Ripley is not an easy life because the strange being hangs on the little Narcissus space shuttle. For that very reason, all space drifts are to be destroyed. Moving the space shuttle by left-right cursors, speed up by up-cursor. Laser can be activated by SPACE.

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