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About 100 D-44 pre-Amiga 1000 developers systems have been made, these development systems helped to provide internal and third-party software developers (Microsoft, Electronics Arts) with systems. The D-44 features custom Amiga chips and the Motorola 68000 processor. Its keyboards are made of wood because the system creators didn’t have any case designs or plastic. The keyboard still works with an Amiga 1000 but it has a slightly different keymap. It is well-known that the Kickstart disk that came with the original Amiga 1000 in 1985 contained some fragments of source code. When the Amiga 1000 was released, the 1.0 ROM image was not finalized, so the machine shipped with a Kickstart floppy disk that was loaded into an extra 256 KB RAM bank which was then write-protected. Before version 1.3 of the operating system, disks were formatted with the Amiga Old Filesystem, which was quite inefficient, as it stored metadata pretty redundantly. Every single sector, even sectors containing file data, start with a 24 byte header. Since the DOS part of the Amiga operating system is actually based on the only very slightly modified Metacomco Tripos operating system, the command line tools as well as the development tools mentioned in the following sections are mostly the same as those found in Tripos…

photo: Chris Collins

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