Released a German adventure classic for Commodore AmigaCD32 and is now available in English! In a far future, mankind is extinct and Earth is populated by several tribes of anthropomorphic animals who have achieved a level of technology and societal sophistication roughly equivalent to European civilization in the High Middle Ages. The humans are enshrined in legends as having been the ones who gave the Morph prehensile hands, mouths capable of speech, and the ability to think and feel, but the Morph have very little understanding of their long-lost forebears, who exist now only in stories, ruins and a few technological relics. In 1996 the German Computer magazine brought 300.000 units of Inherit the Earth on the German market as budget release. On January 13, 2013 a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the development of a sequel was initiated by Wyrmkeep Entertainment, but the funding goal was not met. There are also two executables on the disc for playing from an HD equipped Amiga, both an AGA and ECS version.

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