Justin Hibbits and Alex Perez have started a daring quest for porting FreeBSD to E-EON technology’s new released AmigaOne X5000 PowerPC computer. The AmigaOne X5000 series of AmigaOS-compatible systems uses the Freescale QorIQ series of SoCs for a desktop-class form factor. The work here entails adding support for the e5500 core itself, in addition to support for the SoC peripherals. Currently, most of the code to enable basic support is checked in: dTSEC (ethernet), core support (e500mc, e5500). As part of this, rman, the kernel resource manager, was enhanced to use uintmax_t for resources. This allows devices to be physically above the 4GB boundary on 32-bit systems. With a statically compiled device tree, it boots to multiuser mode with nfsroot, and can be used as normal (serial and SSH logins once configured). FreeBSD has similarities with Linux, with two major differences in scope and licensing: FreeBSD maintains a complete operating system, i.e. the project delivers kernel, device drivers, userland utilities and documentation, as opposed to Linux delivering a kernel and drivers only and relying on third-parties for system software; and FreeBSD source code is generally released under a permissive BSD license as opposed to the copyleft GPL used by Linux. For Example Sony’s Playstation 4 uses FreeBSD as OS! For more information or supporting the project, please click this link.

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