While it is still possible to buy an Amiga on marketplaces like eBay, you may not have enough space at home to do just that. That’s were emulation comes in. While you can argue that emulation cannot mimic the computer 100%, it is better than not using it at all in my opinion. Developer Toni Wilen has released a new version of WinUAE for Windows 32 & 64 bit. WinUAE is probably the best Commodore Amiga emulator out there which emulates most of the features of all Amiga editions Commodore released in the past. Emulation includes chip sets, drives, serial ports, mouse and joysticks, processors, memory, graphics units and hard drives. The new released edtion comes with many bugfixes and huge improvements. The emulator comes with many options and you can run every AmigaOS, even the latest released AmigaOS 4.1 Final edition from Hyperion Entertainment.