Amiga kit is pleased to celebrate it’s 13th year anniversary. Formed way back in 2004, over the preceding years Amiga Kit has been involved in numerous activities. Over the years, Amiga Kit has developed in house a lot of new Amiga software. Many of the titles are being used today in products with the most popular being EasyADF, EasyNet and OS-Install. Amiga Kit has both commissioned and directly manufactured bespoke Amiga hardware, ranging from full computer systems to small adapters. The Amiga Kit Technical Workshop has assembled custom new Amiga 1200 Tower systems, desktop A1200 computers, AmigaOne X1000s and more recently AmigaOne X5000 built to the customer’s requirements. 13 Years of Amiga kit in such a limited and fragile market can only be achieved with strong entrepreneurship! A big congratulations to Matthew Leaman and his team of Amiga pioneers. They have also made an interesting summary of all events during the last 13 years in the new Amiga Kit history section.

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