Gunnar von Boehn just announced a major technological improvement for the 68K Amiga community. And announced that OS support for hyper-threading is in development. Hyper-threading works by duplicating certain sections of the processor but not duplicating the main execution resources. This allows a hyper-threading processor to appear as the usual “physical” processor and an extra “logical” processor to the host operating system, allowing the operating system to schedule two threads or processes simultaneously and appropriately. When execution resources would not be used by the current task in a processor without hyper-threading, and especially when the processor is stalled, a hyper-threading equipped processor can use those execution resources to execute another scheduled task. The minimum that is required to take advantage of hyper-threading is symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) support in the operating system, as the logical processors appear as standard separate processors. AmigaOS classic does not support symmetric multiprocessing but Gunnar Von Boehn said that his team has several drivers and libraries in development for networking, WIFI, SDcard, IDE, RTG graphics, etc… These drivers in development can utilize and benefit from Hyper-threading even without OS support for symmetric multiprocessing!


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