IBM will release its new Power9 processor chip this year. There’s a lot of promise with this new architecture regarding new technology, machine learning, and overall speed. It will support both Linux and Unix and be available with up to 24 cores! IBM expects their low-end Power9 servers to be over $6,000 in summer 2017. Other manufacturers may offer Power9 servers for less. Additionally, IBM will license Power9 schema to others to design and build custom chips. IBM’s Power processors were exclusive to IBM servers prior to IBM partnering with the OpenPower Foundation in 2013. IBM’s ultimate goal is to challenge Intel’s x86, which dominates the server market. IBM will license the Power9 architecture to companies that want to build custom chips. So it’s possible you’ll see non-IBM Power9 chips available in the future. But for now, most server makers are taking IBM’s Power9 chips and putting them in servers.

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