A new version of Amibian (1.4) written by Gunnar Kristjánsson is released. Amibian is everything you need to transform your Raspberry Pi 3 into an Amiga. Thanks to a faster, quad-core ARM CPU and double the RAM of the previous model the new board is more capable of handling more demanding Commodore Amiga games and professional software. You will need Windows or Linux  to copy the Amibian Linux distribution to your SD card and unpack the Kickstart ROMs required to make it work smoothly. Owners of Amibian 1.313 you can update to the new version and don’t need a new fresh installation. for more installation instructions watch the Youtube movies. The download is 340MB and comes in the compressed .7z format.

This video shows you how to setup Amibian
This video hows you how to install workbench 3.1

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