It seems AOTL and A-EON Technology have settled there disputes and have signed a new exclusive agreement for the North American market. To celebrate the 4th of July with there transatlantic cousins, A-EON Technology is pleased to announce that it has appointed Amiga On The Lake (AOTL) as the lead distributor for all A-EON products in North America. As part of the lead distributor relationship A-EON Technology will ensure that AOTL has a buffer stock of Cyrus+ motherboards to meet its North American customers demands for AmigaOne X5000 systems. In addition A-EON will supply software packs which will include the Enhancer Software Pack and the Personal Paint PowerPC boxed sets together with AmigaOS 4.1 registration cards. AOTL will also carry the AmigaOne A1222 model when it is commercially available.

Source: A-EON Technology

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