This RGB to VGA converter is featured as the only product in the market that supports true 16:9 output with native wide screen resolution at 1366×768 pixels for wide-screen type LCD TV or LCD/TFT monitor or 1024×768 pixels output for standard 4:3 CRT monitor displays. With the motion adaptive de-interlacing technology, this unit easily converts the interlaced RGB signals into progressive ones (scanned every line). Users shall find pictures much less flickering with more graphical presentation. This RGB converter also supports component video 480i/576i type signals from sources such as DVD players, satellite set top boxes, media players and all major video game consoles including: Standard non-HD type component RGB signals can be converted into progressive scan VGA/RGBHV type and scaled up to 1024×768 pixels or 1366×768 pixels to fit with all sizes of VGA monitors, LCD flat panels or LCD TV displays with VGA inputs.  You can purchase this item on for $ 89.

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