Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp. Dirk the Daring, the lovable, blundering knight created by Don Bluth animation. His wife Daphne, who he saved from Singe The Dragon, has now been kidnapped by the evil wizard Mordoc and whisked away a captive in a magical wrinkle in time, being forced to marry  Mordoc. Dirk must find a fumbling old time machine and go back to prehistoric  times, even back to the days of Adam and Eve, and then back to take on Mordoc The Wizard in a fight to the finish. First, though, he must get past his mother-in-law. For those of you unfamiliar to this type of game, your movements are not moving sprites around a medeval shoot-em-up. Instead you control what Dirk’s reactions are to certain situations. For example, in the above situation with his mother-in-law, Dirk must move LEFT during the time she is waving her rolling pin. A correct response rewards you with points based on quickness and timing of the move, while failure shows you an animation of your untimely demise; in this case being hit over the head with a rolling pin and crashing into a million pieces (a la Tom and Jerry). The animation is smooth, and seems to be done near 10 frames per second at times. The disk drive constantly loads scenes while you are playing another, but there are still gaps between many scenes, during which your score and lives are displayed. There is a convenient save game feature which allows you to put your point and score in the game on a floppy, ready to be loaded later.  The game is also truly more difficult. At times, it gives no indication when a certain move is necessary, and also gives absolutely no hint as to where the move should be. So, will Mordoc The Evil Wizard succeed in placing the ring on Daphne’s finger, removing her completely from Dirk? Will Dirk ever get past his mother-in-law? It’s all up to you!

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