ArtBase for AmigaOS 4.x is a program, which you are able to create freely configurable masks for your tables and databases. ArtBase uses the CSV-format to import the data. This format is supported by most spreadsheet programs and databases. Excel, OpenOffice, TurboCalc, Bento or Datamat for example are able to export their data in the CSV-format. As a separator between the data cells, the comma, the semicolon, the high bar and the tab will be supported to achieve the highest possible compatibility. Also data cells with multiple lines from e.g. OpenOffice are correctly imported and displayed by ArtBase. ArtBase has been developed in a way, that you are not limited in any way when designing your masks. So you are able to: freely place and change size of every data field. Assign to every field its own font and font-size. Set individual parameters for color, color gradient, transparancy and frames for every field. Put freely configurable and positionable headings onto every field. Freely design the background through color, color gradients, textures or pictures. ArtBase uses its own system, to display the largest possible number of field types. So you can display the following types of data with ArtBase. Short texts will be displayed as single lines in one field. Long texts will be displayed as multiple lines in one field. Links to texts can be embedded into the table and will be displayed as multiple lines. If there is a path information to a picture, the picture will be displayed in the mask. If there is a path information to a piece of music, the songs can be played from inside ArtBase. Slideshows can be played with ArtBase in the easiest way. E-mail and URL-addresses are supported by ArtBase. And so much more possibilities, Artbase is completely free and the download is about 54MB.


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