Youtube Vlogger ‘Oldtech81’ released an interesting video of how to get files from a modern PC to and from an Amiga 600 using compact flash cards and a PCMCIA adapter. The Amiga 600/1200 has a PCMCIA card slot which can be used with a PCMCIA to CF (Compact Flash) adaptor. The Amiga does not recognize the CF card by default, some files will have to be installed onto the workbench disk before it can be accessed. The Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 are the only two Amiga models to feature a PCMCIA Type II interface. This connector allows use of a number of compatible peripherals available for the laptop-computer market, though only 16-bit (Type II) PCMCIA cards are hardware-compatible; newer 32-bit CardBus or PC Card peripherals are incompatible.

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