The game Sauerbraten is also known as Cube 2 as it is based on a rewrite of the game Cube’s open source graphics engine. Cube can still be found on the Internet even if it hasn’t been updated for years. Sauerbraten is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and offcourse high-end Commodore Amiga computers and giving Apollo’s Vampire accelerators an extra reason for there existence. The vast majority of open source FPS games are based on an evolution of the various versions of Quake’s graphics engines: Sauerbraten is an exception in this sense however developers must have thought it was useless to reinvent the wheel so the game modes implemented are the classic deathmatch and capture the flag with some variations. These are multiplayer modes that allow you to challenge other players in a local network or the Internet, there’s also the possibility to play in single player mode against bots driven by the Amiga. The different graphics engine has led to some peculiar choices compared to other games: for example in the fights against bots you need to configure the minimum and maximum level of difficulty and the player has all the weapons from the beginning but he has to get their ammunition.

The Sauerbraten package includes dozens of maps: many of them have classic locations in castles, palaces and stone ruins. People with a good artistic talent can create on their own everything needed to create environments of different types and maps with different characteristics: in fact it looks like Sauerbraten fans have a considerable artistic talent because there are many other maps with different settings. These are just some of the maps included in the standard Sauerbraten package: it’s really hard to choose which pictures to include and those selected may show only part of the imagination and the skill of the authors because many maps are fun to play but they also look great. If you want to play alone for deathmatch training or for other reasons you can do it in two modes: “bot match” or “Campaign”. “Bot match” mode is basically a deathmatch played against various bots of which you can set minimum and maximum skill, in “Campaign” mode instead the goal is to kill all the bots to go to the next level. The game includes some levels made specifically for “Campaign” mode and the bots in this mode have more variety.  The game includes a readme file that contains the links to the game documentation, partly included in the package, partly on the Internet, with pages dedicated to the game configuration, map editing for those who want to edit and create new maps. There are also some links to online communities of Sauerbraten fans for those who want to find other players to exchange opinions and fight with them on online servers. The game requires Warp3D and RTG, You must download the executable and data files of Cube 2!

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