The Apollo team has announced it’s new generation Vampire accelerators and the new accelerator is going to be compatible with multiple Amiga computers. The Vampire V4  is based on the FPGA Altera Cyclone 5, the 68080 will be running @ 93Mhz and could reach over 4,000 Million Instructions Per Second.(Dhrystones 2.1 benchmark) The new accelerator will have 512MB DDR3 (Up to 1GB / s), digital Video-out up to 720p@60Hz, dual Kickstart-flashrom, full SAGA chipset (AGA compatible) and the Vampire V4 is CE, WEEE and RoHS compliant. The first batch of Vampire V4’s is for Commodore Amiga 1000/500/2000/CDTV and later on for the Commodore Amiga 1200 series. Distribution will be exclusively through authorized resellers (Amedia, Amigakit, Relec and AmigaStore). Pricing will be announced in the near future. For more information please read the official announcement.

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