The Vampire4 has made a lot of people very excited, the upcoming accelerator is based on the Cyclone V an upgrade of the Cyclone III used by the Vampire2. The new upcoming accelerator can reach a performance between 240 and 300 mhz and offers more and faster memory. However, some people in the community have proposed using Intel’s ARRIA 10, the industry’s only 20 nm ARM-Based SoC. Such a Vampire based accelerator could probably reach a performance equivalent to a 500-600 MHz 68060. It would be faster then a 5GHz Wintel computer running WINUAE. However, if the ARRIA 10 would be used then the price tag would almost be double for sure, the current Cyclone V cost 110 USD per unit and ARRIA 10 between 350 USD and 600 USD depending on the model being used. In the end Classic Commodore Amiga computers could be pushed even further, but for now the Apollo team is focused on affordable accelerators, maybe the Vampire5 could offer such an enormous boost. But we don’t think the Vampire5 would see the daylight before 2020, or someone else would built this monster accelerator pushing any Commodore Amiga in overdrive. None the less, would you be interested in this 700-800 euro Vampire based on the ARRIA 10?

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