The AmigaOne is a computer designed with AmigaOS in mind and nothing else, but you can install many Linux PowerPC distros next to AmigaOS 4.x and enjoy everything Linux has to offer. Created by Runesoft GmbH and involvement by Gunnar von Boehn, this is a game that puts you in the heart of the Middle Ages as you embark on 8 campaign missions across 3 different difficulty levels, wherein 4 heroes will end up joining forces at the end to complete your overall mission. Northland follows the story of a wandering band of Vikings, led by a quartet of heroes named Bjarni (son of the famous explorer Leif Ericsson), his lover Cyra, and their friends Hachi and Sigurd. After saving the world in Cultures 2, Hachi and Sigurd have returned to their homelands, but Hachi soon finds that his homeland is overrun by enemies. As a result, he calls upon his friends for help. Cultures: Northland is a game that allows players to explore and build their own town, with 30 different occupations and a vast array of different building types and resources, the game is similar to Civilization and the Settlers. Cultures: Northland allows RTS fans to build a city that anyone would be proud of, and it doesn’t take too long to get up and running, either.

There are different weather elements and such to deal with here, which should be expected given the games setting in the North. Game of Thrones fans will find some enjoyment in posing as their very own “Warden of the North” here, no doubt. Over time however, it’s pretty easy to create something that feels a lot more modern, and offers players something worth protecting from enemies and such. Sims-like elements come into play in that every one of your villagers has needs with regard to hunger, sleep, and socialization. Thankfully, much of this is done automatically by the AI, but you still have to deal with the effects of it in the form of inefficient workers. If your workers are hungry, they will automatically stop what they’re doing to go find something to eat. If they have wives who cook for them, their hunger motives don’t drain as quickly, and thus, they become more efficient. Your Vikings will also sleep when the need arises. If they’re homeless, they’ll just curl up on the ground and will then doze off, but this sleep isn’t as restful as if it was induced in a house, so you must make sure to provide homes for all of your characters. Vikings also need to socialize, so don’t be surprised if you see your villagers goofing off and chatting it up instead of working. Each of your characters has a name, and there are both male and females living in the village. Only the males can hold professions though; the females only exist to marry one of the males to provide him with children and cooked food. Seriously. This is the only manner in which you can increase your population, and like everything else in Northland, it’s a slow process from conception to birth to child-rearing to productive adult Viking. Cultures: Northland is a typical game for die-hard simulation fans.

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