A new Switch-like Famicom console has been announced by Columbus Circle. It’s called the FC Pocket Mini and like the Switch it will be able to play games in handheld mode, TV mode, or tabletop mode. But instead of Switch games, the FC Pocket Mini will play Famicom games. According to Japanese Nintendo, it will be released on October 20th for 149 US Dollar. The screen of the FC Pocket Mini is a 7-inch liquid crystal display (LCD). In the box you’ll get the console, 2 wireless controllers, an AC adapter, and a HDMI cable. There will also be 112 original games pre-loaded on the device. It will support both the older 4:3 resolution and the newer widescreen 16:9 resolution. A brightness toggle will be included on the system as well. According to Columbus Circle, it’s possible that not all Famicom games will be 100% compatible, since this is not an official Nintendo produced system.

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