We are very pleased to announce that GenerationAmiga.com has reached 1,000,000 visits in less then a year, our .com domain went online on October 2nd 2016 and never could have imagined to join the million club. We are also very proud to be positioned 406,819th place on Alexa. However, GenerationAmiga is older because it started as a wordpress blog and Facebook page on September 15th 2015. We would like to thank all our contributors Madija Al-Husyni, Krzysztof Radzikowski, Amiga Bill, Dimitris Panokostas, Laurent Zorawski, Johnny Acevedo, Joel Edberg, Patrick Nevian, Fabio Reibaldi, AmigaWave, Timothy De Groote, Trevor Dickinson, David Pleasance, Mike Battilana for the free edition of Amiga forever 7, and so many others! We would also like to thank AmigaTronics and Commodore USA for sharing our articles on a very regular basis and off course our readers. A big thumbs up to all admin and moderators of all Amiga and Retro groups for there patience and forgiveness, we admit that we sometimes pushed the sharing to far but have stopped doing this for some time now. Anyway, none of this could have been done without the devotion of many Amiga developers, Vloggers and company’s releasing all kinds of stuff related to planet Amiga. Without them there would have been nothing to write about. This is not our victory, but a common victory for the entire Amiga community and it shows that the Amiga legacy is far from dead. The future is looking bright with the upcoming Vampire V4 new AmigaOne A1222 and X5000/40, and hopefully a lot of new software will be released in the near future. Keep the momentum going!

Kind regards,

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