Earok recently announced the full release of Moonstone for Commodore AmigaCD32. Moonstone is one of those everlasting favourites. Even though the game is over 12 years old, it hasn’t aged a single day in terms of fun, addictiveness and gameplay! The story in the game is simple. You are one of four knights summoned by the powerful druids. Your task is to explore the map and locate the Moonstone, for only the Moonstone can save the fate of this land. In order to succeed in this heroic deed, you will need all the help you can get since the world is a dangerous place to wander around in. Monsters lurk in every possible site they can cram their bodies into while rouge soldiers and bandits will do their best to kill you at every chance they get. Blood will flow, gore will splatter, and heads will roll… Hopefully not yours. To keep your head on your shoulders throughout the game, you should visit cities often and buy much needed supplies, like armour and weapons. You can also increase your fighting abilities. This aspect of the game makes it more of a Role Playing Game than anything else. You get experience from your fights, you evolve to better ones, walk wherever you want and meet interesting people… that want to kill you, but they are interesting nevertheless! Most of the exploration is done at a series of about 20 “lairs” that dot the map. Each has one or more monsters defending a chest, which may contain a combination of gold, magic items, and keys. As the knights acquire these items, the other knights might attack them hoping to acquire their spoils. Each knight starts with 5 lives and loses 1 life for each lost combat. Lives can be restored by paying healers in cities and by sacrificing magic items to Danu at Stonehenge. If you fall below 3 lives, you can get a couple more by returning to your “home village” (your starting location), but you can only do this three times. Playing with other human players would be an entirely different experience than playing with computer-controlled knights. The AI of the computer-controlled characters is pretty stupid. They basically just swarm the human player until you defeat them in enough combats that they lose their lives and die permanently, leaving little graves on the game map. They never return home to heal, nor visit towns to spend their money. (image:imgur)

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