In 1994 Motorola presented to the world its latest processor the MC68060, that same year Commodore Business Machines went bankrupt because of mis-mangement.  The German company Escom became the new brand owner and owned other Amiga patents and trademarks. The company started with the re- launch of the Amiga 1200 on 12 September 1995 and the Amiga 4000T. The new head of Escom’s subsidiary, Amiga Technologies, Petro Tyschenko choose the new MC68060 processor for Amiga the 4000T. And dedicated PowerPC for being the new CPU used in next generation Amiga’s by Amiga Technologies this under a new name; Power Amiga. Sadly enough, Amiga Technologies never received appropriate funding by Escom and things started to fall apart. Without waiting for Amiga Technologies, the well-known company Phase 5, presented the Amiga Power prototype at the Cologne show, it was immediately available in three versions: Power Amiga 1200, Power Amiga 3000 and Power Amiga 4000, eventually selling over 10.000 units! Click watch movie to find out more….

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