AROS for Vampire accelerators is making good progress, the Aros 68k boots without problems and will also support SAGA, because SAGA is offering the same features and addressing the same framebuffer as RTG. AROS is aimed to be source-compatible with AmigaOS 3.1 and implements many of the libraries. AROS offers more functionality’s compared with AmigaOS 3.1, it includes additional components and features, f.e. implementations of AHI, CybergraphX and MUI (Zune), Poseidon (USB) and much more. The 68k branch is binary compatible so you do not need special compiled software and often can mix 68k AmigaOS 3.1 software (f.e. libraries) and Aros components, partly even replacing the Aros components. The development of an optimized  AROS for Vampire accelerators will be continued and will probably adapt to the needs of Vampire users and could offer many new possibilities. Because of it’s of open-source status AROS could be the ideal AmigaOS variant for Vampire based Commodore Amiga computers.

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