The German hardware manufacturer has officially announced it’s pre-order price list of upcoming products. A wide variety of 68k and PowerPC accelerators for Commodore Amiga computers will be released in the near future. The new upcoming accelerators from German technology company Phase 5 digital will be new enhanced accelerators offering new possibilities to the 68k and PowerPC Amiga market. The Cyberstorm PPC 2, Cyberstorm MK IV, Blizzard PPC 2, Blizzard 1260 MK III, Blizzard 2060 MK II and  Blizzard 560 MK I. They are based on the old series but come with new improvements. After this release, Phase5 Digital will launch a new generation of accelerators, the so called ‘professional series’ and  will be extreme computing monsters. Pushing 68k and PowerPC to new limits and everything will be native 68k and PPC based. More information will be unveiled during ‘Amiga 32’ in Germany.

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